HAILI stands for Hybrid All-Inclusive Learning Instrument.

The ‘Suitcase’ HAILI Rocket is the Science of Rockets’ first program for High Schools starting in 2020. HAILI allows school students to step away from their textbooks and work with a fully functioning Hybrid rocket motor teaching device. This program improves problem solving, and promotes teamwork and creative thinking skills.

The Suitcase HAILI Rocket for High Schools

HAILI is a fully functioning Hybrid rocket motor teaching device. HAILI stands for Hybrid All Inclusive Learning Instrument. She is the size of carry-on luggage, practical for classroom use with handles for easy transport. HAILI’s side panels can be folded down to allow full access to her internal workings. Her components are colour coded for ease of teaching.HAILI is more than just a rocket motor. She is an integrated system that teaches critical thinking, digital skills, programming skills for robotics, automation and AI, technology and computer capabilities, and advanced manufacturing principles. Most importantly, HAILI teaches high school students how to solve problems, work in a team, and think creatively.

Science of Rockets - The Need

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are the foundation on which industries and economies of the future will thrive. However, in many countries, there is a decline in school and university students studying these skills. The Science of Rockets aims to build students confidence and interest – by literally showing them they don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand rockets. The Science of Rockets gives students practical application across a wide range of STEM fields including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical systems as well as incorporating science and maths based experiments and much more. Rocket technology is used across many industries, including drones, robotics and aerospace. Overall, The Science of Rockets aims to provide students with a launchpad to breakdown the silos in STEM and effortlessly combine a wide variety of STEM skills to create actionable and practical outcomes.

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